Put your logic, memory and strategy skills to the ultimate test.



The Demo version consists of the
first Seven
basic games of STRATO-G.
The Full game currently consists of Thirty games spanning over Seven Levels of difficulty.

Click here to play the

Send us an email with your moves played on
Game 3C and we will send you a link to the
full game that you can play during the
COVID-19 lockdown

STRATO-G forms part of the
Strategy Seven Collection of games.
We have designed endless variations of the game
since the original game was designed in 1992.

These games are in an HTML5 format and are
playable on a variety of platforms and devices.

Level 1 - Game 1B
This is the entry level game used to get the
player familiar with the way the game works.
(Games - 1A and 1B)

Level 1 - Game 2A
Game two is a beginner level game for
the player is familiar with the way the game works.
(Games - 2A and 2B)

Level 2 - Game 3A
There are five games in Level 2.
Each one gets more difficult as
the games progress.

Level 2 - Game 3C
The DEMO version ends on Game 3E.
If you enjoy solving these types of puzzles,
send us an email with your thoughts on the game.

The full version of the game will be available once we have had constructive
feedback from players on the DEMO VERSION

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